Leading supplier of vital equipment to Australian industry, SafetyMITS has launched a new ultra-portable barrier system designed to protect workers and the general public at worksites.

SafetyMITS’ innovative rapid roll barrier storage cartridge and rapid post system is recommended for a wide range of industries including mining, building, construction and manufacturing, as well as to protect council, emergency and general maintenance workers. The fully integrated rapid roll barrier system quickly creates a clearly defined protective zone that keeps workers and the general public protected at worksites.

With the rapid roll barrier system, creating a worksite perimeter has never been easier or quicker to assemble. The rapid roll barrier system offers fast, trouble-free site securement, minimising setup time and increasing efficient worktime. The barrier can be set up or taken down in minutes by a single worker. The sturdy system helps create a clearly defined zone that prevents entry by those who might want to duck under or climb over the barrier.

SafetyMITS’ rapid roll barrier storage cartridge and rapid post system allows workers to work in peace in a secure area. This barrier system is particularly ideal for overhead workers using cherry pickers or high platforms as it keeps the public safe below their work zone.

When the job is finished, retracting the barrier system is just as easy with the worker simply cranking the handle and the barrier fencing neatly rolling back into the main cartridge.

SafetyMITS Director Tony Brooks explained that safety was the primary objective when developing the new temporary barrier system. Describing the outcome as a revolution in worksite safety and convenience, he said no one can walk through rapid roll barriers, making the system safer for the general public than pylons and caution tape.

Mr Brooks adds that the system creates an easily visible barrier 145cm high, which is both sturdy and portable. Reflective safety tape is fitted to both sides of the cartridge and posts, making them easily visible in low light environments.

Key advantages of the rapid roll barrier system also include portability, being easy to carry and worksite-durable; quickest barrier fencing system on the market, being ready to roll out straight from the cartridge; 15m fencing option making the system highly adaptable to use in a straight line, as a full enclosure, or two or three sided; multiple units easily connected to enclose larger areas; low weight construction at just 12.7kg for simple assembly by a worker in minutes; 3-legged system as standard with optional wheeled system capable of carrying four posts and bases for larger applications; tough, resilient MDPE construction enabling the barrier system to stand up to all the rigours of a worksite or extreme weather conditions; durable and rugged design allowing reusability, and making cost per use easily affordable; comfortable carrying handles doubling as rapid links when in use; and fully protected and neatly rolled up in the cartridge when not in use.

Mr Brooks advises companies looking for increased safety and efficiency on their next project to invest in the rapid roll barrier storage cartridge and rapid post system.