Hurll Nu-Way Pty Ltd  introduces a range of commercial and industrial HVAC products from Addison USA.
The Australian and New Zealand distributor of the Roberts Gordon product range, Hurll Nu-Way has now added heating, cooling and dehumidification products from RG Group member company, Addison to its portfolio.
The new HVAC products include air turnover units suitable for installation in smaller commercial, institutional and industrial spaces. Featuring a compact design, the unit can be placed in facilities with ceiling heights as low as 4 metres.
Suggested applications for Addison air turnover units:
Automotive Centres, Maintenance and Industrial Facilities
The heat-cool unit can quickly achieve space temperature setpoint after the opening and closing of bay doors.
Commercial Spaces
Heat-cool units can maintain year-around comfort in open commercial spaces such as showrooms.
Indoor Sports Facilities
100% return air operation helps provide quick recovery of space temperature when switching from unoccupied periods to occupied periods.
Pharmaceutical/Cosmetic Storage
The heat-cool unit can maintain strict FDA-stipulated temperature ranges for regulated products.
Retrofit Facilities
No ductwork is required for fitting into existing facilities, eliminating potential conflict with other products or equipment in the space.
Warehousing and Storage Areas
The constantly circulating airflow keeps dust from settling on boxes and helps prevent consumer perception of ‘old parts’ in showrooms.