HP has entered into a licensing agreement with Handheld Group to develop printing solutions for the logistics industry.

The Sweden-based Handheld Group manufactures rugged PDAs and mobile computers for data acquisition in out-of-office applications.

The Handheld Group will develop and sell printing products worldwide for the logistics industry based on HP’s thermal inkjet print cartridges. The license covers relevant patents for the electrical, mechanical and system design of a handheld inkjet printer with wireless communication. Handheld Group is the sole licensee of the design.

According to Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Handheld Group, Jerker Hellström, the license agreement with HP will open new markets to the company and ultimately benefit their customers. The agreement allows the Handheld Group to create unique products by accessing HP’s innovative printing technology portfolio while enabling the company to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions to business partners and end users of their products.

HP inkjet cartridges used in future Handheld Group products may include a quick-drying, smudge-free magenta ink formulated specifically for high visibility on substrates used in the logistics industry such as brown corrugated boxes, Kraft paper and packing tape.

Kathy Tobin, Vice President and General Manager, Specialty Printing Systems, HP explains that the licensing agreement is part of HP’s endeavour to identify new applications for their inkjet technology to address specific industry challenges. HP’s partnership with the Handheld Group will help create printing solutions that will simplify logistics and supply chain operations.