Hidden bin solutions from Hideaway Bins come with the assurance of antimicrobial protection, ensuring complete hygiene in home or commercial environments.

Recommended for environments that demand long-term hygiene, both the Hideaway Soft Close and Hideaway Deluxe Bin ranges come with a powder-coated lid treated with Clinikill, an antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal film additive formulated to fight harmful bacteria, yeast and fungi, ensuring complete protection.

Kinetic technology is used to distribute Clinikill evenly throughout the powder-coating including at the surface of the friction-fitted lid where contact with harmful bacteria and fungi occurs, thereby maximising the antimicrobial effect.

The Kinetic technology also ensures that the effectiveness of the antimicrobial agent will be maintained for the long term, regardless of normal wear and tear on the hidden bins such as light scratches and abrasions.