Push to open Silent units from Hettich Australia are designed for convenient operation of drawer systems. Pioneered by Hettich, Push to open Silent technology now comes with a new generation of user-friendly functions with these units providing the same level of convenience as electromechanical opening systems.

When integrated with Push to open Silent technology, drawers open mechanically in response to a light press on the front panel; on shutting, they unnoticeably load the opening mechanism and close in a gently cushioned movement.

Hettich’s technology is even ideal for small, lightweight drawers, which previously lacked the required momentum to close reliably and gently. Using special runners and Push to open Silent units, Hettich has managed to develop an end-to-end solution for all drawer formats. The retriggering guard function ensures the system recognises drawers closed by hand and does not reopen them accidentally. In the event there's a lack of momentum on closing, the drawer is prevented from opening again and the force needed to close it is substantially reduced.

On opening, optional synchronisation makes sure that a kitchen like drawer front gap of 2.5mm is sufficient to reliably activate the system even when pressing the edges of large format front panels. When the drawer is pulled open, it feels just the same as a drawer on Silent System runners.

Push to open Silent is suitable for use with ArciTech drawer systems. The new Push to open Silent product generation provides a viable alternative to electromechanical systems as it leaves no margin of doubt in terms of user-friendly convenience.