Housing presents a major challenge in urban environments, with the rising cost forcing people to live in smaller spaces. Hettich shows you how you can maximise the experience of living in tiny homes with a range of storage solutions.

Urban environments continue to be an attractive proposition for many people and the demand for affordable housing remains high as ever as more people prefer to live on their own. Tiny spaces are much more than an alternative because a small living space doesn’t mean you have to compromise your quality of life.

In fact, a smaller space offers more scope to design intelligent solutions that look good and are also functional.

At the interzum 2019 exhibition, a special section named ‘Tiny Spaces – Living in compact homes’ focussed on the latest trend of living in a minute urban home. Hettich demonstrated how great it can be to live in a compact space.

Using the example of a fully furnished single person apartment on a floor space of just 18 square metres, Hettich showed how to transform a tiny space into a lovely home.

Every storage space – whether in furniture or recesses – is easily accessible, cleverly structured and usable down to the very last inch. Throughout the apartment, space is used for storage right up to the ceiling level. Provisions or items not needed every day are stored further up. Whenever necessary, integrated steps can be folded down to reach the higher levels.

Hettich’s versatile storage solutions turn the kitchen island into a table, the sofa into a bed, the bar into an occasional table, and the stair step into a cabinet. This fully equipped home lacks absolutely nothing; additionally, the tiny space is a surprising revelation in terms of how little one needs to be happy.