The WingLine L from Hettich Australia is an innovative folding sliding door system that impresses with its versatility. Ideal for a broad range of applications from wardrobes and alcoves to top mounted kitchen units, WingLine L features a new ‘Push-Pull to Move’ opening mechanism that creates panorama effects, design flexibility and a high level of user convenience.

Most homes have enclosed space that is often left unused such as space under the stairs, sloping ceilings or alcoves. The folding door fitting maximises the use of this potential storage space in an attractive and functional way.

Hettich’s WingLine L opens an entire door set with just one push or pull – with or without a handle. Key features of the folding sliding door system include ability to support a door panel up to 2400mm (H) and 600mm (W); more space created with the fitting opening a surprisingly large section of cabinet content; minimum door protrusion ensuring unrestricted movement of drawers and extensions; increased convenience with soft opening and closing; and simple assembly with easy mounting of doors without tools.