Hettich Australia introduces the latest convenience for XXL refrigerators by integrating the high quality soft closing Silent System into their classic K05 multiple pivot hinges.

With open plan living continuing to be on-trend, refrigerators are no longer hidden away in kitchens; instead, they are placed in a prominent area, serving as an appliance and a piece of furniture. Open plan design, therefore, necessitates greater convenience as well as feel of luxury in refrigerators – with doors that open and close with effortless ease and almost in silence.

Hettich has integrated their soft closing Silent System into the K05 fitting for XXL refrigerators, guaranteeing quieter door action and noticeably higher level of convenience for particularly large built-in refrigerators and freezers as well as wine coolers in the premium segment.

The zero maintenance K05 with Silent System provides maximum practical convenience in conjunction with high door loads. While the K05 S/L hinge quietly closes doors weighing up to 92kg, K05 X can easily support doors weighing up to 110kg, closing them in a controlled and particularly soft manner.

Key benefits of Hettich’s new K05 hinges with Silent System include a wide 115° opening angle preventing any collision with adjacent units and allowing drawers to be pulled open all the way; optional 90° opening angle stop for refrigerators positioned next to the wall; perfect accommodation of American installation situations such as face frame; and minimal installation space requirement.

The high quality soft closing function consists of two fully Silent System elements to guarantee even, soft closing performance. Depending on the door size, the K05 hinges – with or without Silent System – can be adapted to suit any appliance configuration.