Continuing on Hebel’s path of delivering better ways to design and build, this new Design & Installation Guide for high rise apartments sets the bar high in terms of easy specification and comprehensive, on-the-ground construction details.

Full range of internal wall systems

The new guide covers the full range of Hebel intertenancy, corridor, shaft and service wall systems using the tongue and groove Hebel PowerPanel, single mesh and caged. Applications include high rise apartments, student accommodation, hotels and commercial projects.

System simplicity advantage

There are nine easy to specify wall systems developed by Hebel for design efficiency and quality as well as risk minimisation. Further, with only two types of plasterboard lining to be considered for each system – standard or moisture resistant - Hebel systems cut through complexity when specifying. The design process is streamlined and the potential for error is minimised. The guide covers:

  • Intertenancy Wall concealed water services one side
  • Intertenancy Wall concealed water services both sides
  • Intertenancy Wall large concealed water services both sides
  • Corridor Wall concealed water services one side
  • Corridor Wall concealed water services one side with furring channel
  • Shaft Wall adjacent to wet or common areas
  • Shaft Wall adjacent to dry habitable rooms
  • Services Wall for walls up 3.3 metres high
  • Services Wall for walls with 2 hour fire rating up to 4.65 metres high


Comprehensive on-the-ground construction details

Considered by Australia’s leading builders and developers as the most efficient and easy to comply systems on the market, the new guide’s extensive range of construction details take the Hebel advantages one step further. Practical and easy to follow, builders and contractors can make further inroads into speed and efficiency with this single comprehensive source of construction details.

The Construction Details are divided into two sections. The first covers details for FRLs up to  -/90/90, the other section FRLs up to -/120/120. Included are details for walls requiring FRLs up to -/120/120 and wall heights up to 4.65m for vertically installed panels and up to 30m+ for horizontally installed panels.   

One particularly handy page is the Construction Details Overview. Each detail is listed with a coloured flag indicating the type of PowerPanel used (single mesh or caged) relative to the wall height and orientation required. Plus each detail in the Overview is linked to the relevant page for fast referencing.

Online and interactive

Hebel Design & Installation Guide for intertenancy, corridor, shaft & services wall systems in high rise apartments, student accommodation, hotels and commercial projects is available at Download today. Click on any listing in the Contents to go straight to the page you want or start at the beginning and read through.