From baby boomers to millennials, statistics show that today’s occupants are more concerned  about the impact of the built environment on health than any of their predecessors. Designers and developers alike are responding to this shift by seeking the benefits of natural materials, to incorporate their advantages across all sectors including residential, commercial and industrial.

'Building healthier, natural interior spaces with timber' outlines how timber, an enduringly popular natural material, has a positive impact on both physical and mental health. It equips designers, specifiers and builders alike with the ability to make the best decision when specifying timber flooring and cladding solutions.

From timber’s historical staying power to it’s contemporary application in the pursuit of Scandinavian aesthetics, it is a natural material whose diverse qualities have been capitalised upon throughout time to meet changing consumer demands. Recognising a contemporary shift towards biophilic design, this whitepaper demonstrates how the hypoallergenic, sound absorption and versatility of timber has had proven positive impacts on physical and mental health.

Although designs become increasingly complex to achieve levels of adaptability to suit modern life, occupant health remains key and sought after by end-users. Timber flooring and cladding are permanent ways to include the holistic benefits of timber in a meaningful and lasting way and demonstrates that biophilic design is a priority. Download this free whitepaper to understand how timber benefits mental and physical health, and how this knowledge can be applied when specifying timber products.