To take Gunnersen into the next generation of its 129 year family history, Nils Koren has been appointed Managing Director with Nils Gunnersen accepting the position of Executive Director.

Nils Koren comes with a background in the industry from his most recent role as General Manager of Gunnersen's NSW branch.

Having grown up in the sawmill town of Dartmoor in western Victoria, his professional origin is in the softwood industry of Mt Gambier.

Through sales and marketing, beginning with pine, Nils Koren has matured with ever-expanding horizons, not only in product range and geographic coverage, but also in management. Nils Koren, Managing Director, will focus upon improving the financial performance of Gunnersen.

Nils Gunnersen brings new management experience into Gunnersen. He has held positions in Marbut and Midway companies, not to mention a period in Neville Smith Timber (now ITC).

These positions have exposed him to supply chain, production and logistics issues in the timber industry. As Executive Director, Nils Gunnersen will be the agent of change concerned with internal improvement - personnel succession, the cost structure, performance against the company’s promises to customers and company development, both in operations and in service capacity.