Gunnersen  commissioned the D3 Group to design its stand at DesignEX 2008 in Sydney.

The main objective is to create a noticeable focal point to showcase the thermoforming capabilities of HI-MACS Acrylic Solid Surface.

D3’s design concept included a curved sculpture to be thermoformed using HI-MACS as the stand’s focal point. Gunnersen and D3 enlisted the expertise of Schiavello to turn this concept into a reality.

At 3.6 metres high, with seamless joins and remarkable curves that seemingly defy gravity, the sculpture clearly showcased the flexibility of HI-MACS and became a real talking point at the exhibition.

HI-MACS is a high quality material renowned for its durability, adaptability and lasting beauty. HI-MACS has many advantages over engineered stone products and laminates.

HI-MACS has remarkable thermoforming capabilities, seamless joins and the ability to be renewed without needing to replace the entire surface.

HI-MACS is non-porous and does not absorb spillages or food odours, leaving surfaces hygienically clean and also enables design freedom.