Goop Guys  provides temporary surface protection for various applications. Goop Guys has a wide experience in producing peelable coatings for commercial, residential and industrial building in Australia and New Zealand.

Goop Guys offers window goop designed to give temporary protection for window glasses and aluminium joineries. Window Goop is water based peelable coatin that is non-toxic and environment friendly. Window Goop contains cleaning substance that protects the surface and keeps it clean.

Window Goops available from Goop Guys are external exposure tested for 12 months at a 100 millimetre thickness. For further long period protection, a thicker goop is applied externally. These goops do not form a residue after removal.

Bench Goops from Goop Guys are used for protecting bench tops. These are water based temporary protective coatings for granite, stone, non porous laminates, stainless steel, marble and other surfaces. Bench Goop is also used to protect limestone bench tops, limestone veins are not affected even after removal. Bench Goop can be used effectively for 24 months. Bench Goops are applied on bench tops immediately after its installation and prior to tiling and painting. Bench Goops can be easily applied through roller application.