Goop Guys  offers temporary surface protective peel to protect windows, bench tops and floors from damage during construction. Goop Guys constantly designs and improves its product category by its own research, development and manufacturing infrastructure.

Goop Guys’ products are utilised by building companies for their projects in order to provided protection to their client’s property. Goop Guys offers temporary surface protection for windows, benchtops, aluminium windows joinery, floors, bathtubs and stainless steel. AutoGoop, available from Goop Guys, is a temporary protection for automotive surface. .

Goop Guys offers BathGoops to protect bath tubs and spa tubs. BathGoops are specially designed for fibreglass and acrylic bathtubs and spa baths. Usually during construction rubbish and debris are thrown into the bath tubs. Later this type of misuse is cleaned by using harsh chemicals, abrasive pads and steel blades which will form starches, scuff marks and losses it glossy appearance. In some cases it results in total replacement of the bath tub.

BathGoop is widely used by many builders in their project and has successfully protected hundreds of bathtubs and saved repairing and replacing cost for the same