Gineico  provides a wide range of reliable engine room accessories for any vessel. The different parts available are categorised in to acoustica sound proofing, Gallinea cooling fans, Gianneschi pumps and blowers, and Idromar reverse osmosis desalinator.

The Acoustica sound proofing system provides by Gineico is a revolutionary Australian made sound proofing system that was awarded and nominated with many scores. This sound proofing system is being used by several leading manufactures all over Australia. The Acoustica incorporates biodegradable barrier with a polyester matting to achieve some remarkable effects.

Gineico provides a range of Gallinea cooling fans indifferent sizes from 167 mili metre to 600 mili metre in diameter. These Gallinea cooling fans can also be supplied in kits, air lazarettes ad interface with the fire control system. The Gianneschi pumps and blowers from Gineico are made by leading manufactures of stainless pumps and engine room cooling fans from Italy. These engine room systems can be customised according to customer requirement. It can also be manufactured with fire shutters that are Lloyds MCA complaint.

Idromar reverse osmosis desalinators available at Gineico are manufactured by Italy’s leading brand manufacturer of water makers. These units start from 65 litre per hour and can also be designed and manufactured according to customer specification and requirement. The Idromar water makers boast far quitter while functioning. It is made from stainless and simple electrochemical controls and simple yet a robust system that ensures quality during work.