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    Geberit Sovent - Innovative Solution for Multi-Storey Drainage

    Geberit has developed the Geberit Sovent system that has been specifically designed to meet the high demands placed on drainage systems in multi-storey buildings. The Sovent system from Geberit is a more cost effective and efficient alternative to conventional parallel vented - stack used in high rise buildings.

    The innovative, flow-optimised shape of the Geberit Sovent branch fittings facilitate optimum configuration of discharge stacks

    • Eliminates the need for a secondary vent line
    • Enhances flow capacity of the discharge stack
    • Self-venting within the stack that allows for greater loading

    The system renders the installation of a separate ventilation line unnecessary, thereby contributing to guaranteed safe drainage even during peak loads and to achieving an economical installation.

    The Geberit Sovent system is recommended for buildings that are five storeys and higher

    • Watermark approved and complies with AS3500
    • Greater flexibility in hydraulic and architectural design

    The innovative drainage system with the Geberit Sovent fitting for multi-storey buildings offer an economical and high performance alternative to conventional, parallel vented stack systems.

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