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    Galvin Engineering

    Ezy-Drink® GalvinClear 316 Stainless Steel Piezo Electronic Drinking Bubbler Tap

    This unique electronic bubbler tap was developed for applications such as schools and public areas where taps can remain unused for extended periods, e.g school holidays.  Available in either mains or battery powered versions, the tap can be set to purge at pre-determined intervals to ensure water flushes through the pipes and does not become stagnant.  This reduces the risk of metals leaching into the water from the plumbing system and assists in minimising the risk of bacteria growing such as legionella.


    • High quality GalvinClear 316 stainless steel makes it the safest and most robust tap for use in schools and public areas.
    • Hygiene rinse can be set to activate at regular 24, 48 or 72 hour intervals to remove any stagnant water.   This minimises the risk of legionellas breeding in the plumbing systems and also reduces the build up of metal in the water from fittings further downstream.
    • The clever Piezo switch is vandal resistant and easy to operate via touch activation. This makes it ideal for kindergartens and pre-schools as no force is required by the child to activate the tap.
    • 316 Stainless Steel guarantees endurance against the corrosive effects of salt water and other harsh environmental conditions, making it ideal for beachside amenities, surf clubs and boating facilities.
    • A unique rubber mouthguard has been specially designed to protect teeth in the rough and tumble of the school playground.
    • The mouthguard is made from a nitrile compound which is AS 4020 approved and has high resistance to fungal and bacterial attack.
    • The rubber compound used has a high degree of saturation to ensure the unit has a strong resistance to sunlight and environmental ageing, and it therefore has a long life in the field.
    • Stainless steel grub screws secure the mouthguard to the body ensuring a high resistance to vandalism.
    • The tap has a concealed adjustable flow control valve which allows flow adjustments to be completed on-site.  This ensures the height and volume of water can be set to suit each application.
    • Battery or mains powered options available.
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