Barbeques, buzzing flies and mozzies are intrinsic to Australian living. All three are also best kept outside.

The desire to keep the insects out has made the use of flyscreens a requisite of residential design in Australia. Retractable flyscreens fitted to bi-fold, sliding and French doors have been the go-to product to protect against mosquito bites and flies spreading germs, while still allowing fresh air in without losing the view.

With the trend towards larger openings for windows and door spaces, coupled with Australia’s harsh and unpredictable climactic conditions, the instance of sagging and blowouts in the flyscreens is a common issue faced by homeowners.

This is why Australian company, Freedom Retractable Screens, invest so much into research and design to develop a retractable flyscreen that provides superior resistance against sagging and blowouts, even in the harshest conditions.

Also on the drawing board and available soon, a retractable insect screen that can be built higher and wider than ever before.  This screen features a tiny 12mm bottom track, which can in many cases negate the use of a recessed track.

The Infinity Zipline Series of retractable screen from Freedom Retractable Screens offers the perfect fusion of discreet style and cutting-edge technology. Central to the screen’s high wind resistance is its patented mesh-to-track retention system, which features stronger mesh that is locked in to guarantee screens do what they are meant to do – protect against insects getting in – to give peace of mind to those living there, as well as to the designer or builder that they can be confident they have specified the highest quality product.

Also unique to the Infinity Zipline Series is its patented brake system which enables the screen to stop safely in any position along the track and eliminates unsafe springbacks.

Freedom Retractable Screens are currently able to offer the new 80mm and 120mm Smartscreen, which may be fully motorised for ease of use.  The Smartscreen is a great choice for your outdoor enclosure or balcony.  The housing fits at the top in a neat and discreet design and can be fitted with insect mesh or a choice of translucent or block-out fabric.

Available in a wide range of finishes and custom colours, a large variety of UV resistant fibreglass mesh options caters to any design requirements. With the ability to screen extra-large openings of up to 9 metres, the Infinity Zipline Series is the ideal solution for just about any screening requirement.

Freedom Retractable Screens are the industry leaders of retrofit retractable fly screens, offering the perfect fusion of style and cutting-edge technology for your home and beyond. To find out more visit: