Screening servery windows is now easier than ever with the Freedom Pull Down Flyscreen from Freedom Retractable Screens .

The pull down retractable screens for windows are ideal for party functions: lift the screen slightly to pass food and drinks through then lower to keep flies and mosquitos at bay.

The Freedom brake system locks the retractable screen closed with a seamless seal without the use of magnets or latches.

Flush countertops or bars do not require any additions or rework to spoil their smooth surfaces as the screen uses a brush strip to gently seal the lower edge.

Many hard to screen windows such as bi-fold, casement and double-hung windows can be easily screened with the pull down unit.

The retractable screen simply rolls up into a 50mm box that sits at the top of your window. The screen can be recessed allowing blinds and shutters to be fixed without any hassles.

The Freedom braking system means the screen will not retract all the way up unless required; releasing the handle will engage the brake stopping the screen at any level.