The SmartScreen from Freedom Retractable Screens is an efficient outdoor privacy screen solution ideal for anyone looking to enhance the privacy of their external living spaces, while also keeping insects out. Perfect for outdoor areas such as patios, alfresco spaces, garages and balconies, these outdoor privacy screens are also suitable for indoor openings such as double-hung or outward-opening windows.

SmartScreen outdoor privacy screens can span as much as 5.6 metres with a 3-metre drop. These privacy screens not only keep insects out but also protect the occupant from wind and harmful UV rays, providing insulation for the outdoor entertaining area.

The outdoor privacy screens are available in a choice of three sizes to suit different installation spaces and can be supplied in motorised or manually operated versions. The buyer can also choose from blind and shading materials, or insect mesh.

Key benefits of SmartScreen outdoor privacy screens include ability to keep insects out naturally, without unnecessary and toxic chemicals; protection from wind, glare and rain, allowing the homeowner to enjoy the outdoor space regardless of the season; efficient insulation, retaining the heat in winter and allowing a natural breeze in summer; energy savings from reduced air-conditioning and artificial heating requirement; and enhanced value for the home.