SmartScreen balcony screen solutions from Freedom Retractable Screens present an excellent solution for preventing the entry of insects into the balcony area. These balcony screens can also stand up to strong winds and protect the occupant from the damaging UV rays of the sun.

Balcony screens in the SmartScreen range are designed to roll from the top to cover a drop length of up to 3m, and offer a span of up to 5.6 metres. Manual pull-down or motorised options are available for these screens to suit the particular application requirement. Options also include insect mesh, blind and shading materials to suit the need and individual preference.

SmartScreen balcony screens keep insects out, reduce wind force, minimise glare from the sun, provide protection from the rain, reduce heat in warmer months, and retain warmth in colder months. Available in a choice of three different sizes, the Australian-made quality product is ideal for outdoor and indoor screening as well as to screen large openings. The screens come with a 5-year limited warranty.

Why choose a SmartScreen for your balcony?

SmartScreen balcony screens help homeowners maximise the use of their outdoor living space without fear of an insect invasion. Most parts of Australia have sunny weather throughout the year and Australians love their outdoor living spaces, especially in summer. However, pesky flies and bugs can spoil the experience and force residents to take their entertaining indoors.

SmartScreen’s balcony screens are designed to keep outdoor living spaces out of bounds for insects, allowing residents to enjoy their outdoor spaces in comfort throughout the year and especially in summer when the insects combined with the harsh sun can totally spoil any opportunity to entertain outdoors.

The blind system allows the outdoor entertaining area as well as areas within the home to be screened. The blind system is perfect for large openings such as patios, balconies, verandahs, alfresco areas and garages as well as external windows and kitchen serveries within the home.

The Freedom SmartScreen is also a good way to insulate the outdoor areas, reducing the effects of wind and harsh sunlight. Heavy winds can wreak havoc on an outdoor party but with SmartScreen’s zero gap system, the wind is significantly reduced. It also provides protection from the rain.

SmartScreen’s balcony screens allow the homeowner to reduce heat in summer and retain the warmth in winter, resulting in substantial energy savings from reduced air-conditioning use, which also benefits the environment.

Key features of SmartScreen balcony screen solutions include choice of three different sizes and a choice of insect mesh or blind and shading materials to suit specific requirements and the home’s aesthetic; unobtrusive design to fit in perfectly with any home’s design while protecting it from the elements at the same time; suitable for both indoors and outdoors, replacing harmful and toxic insect repellents and minimising use of air-conditioners; and motorised or manual roll-down options.