Isowarm under floor heating from Flowcrete Australia comes complete with insulation, pipe work and associated screed retaining system. It is supplied and installed as a complete package and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Compared with conventional central heating and air conditioning systems, Isowarm under floor heating can save up to 24 per cent on energy making it a sustainable choice. It allows the operator to program heat on demand, when and where it is needed.

Under floor heating is a safe option as there are no potentially dangerous hot surfaces to come into contact with. It is also a healthier option because its use reduces airborne bacteria, dust, dust mites, pollens, draughts, condensation and dampness.

This product has many applications and these include:

  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Public buildings
  • Residential homes
  • Schools
  • Shopping centres
Isowarm can also be reversed on hot days to provide under floor cooling. It does this by circulating chilled water underneath the floor's surface and absorbing heat from the ground upwards. This system also absorbs radiant heat from room contents and its occupants to further extend its use as a cooling solution.