Leading US craft beer company Brooklyn Brewery upgraded their existing production facility in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighbourhood, with the redevelopment project encompassing upgrades to the floor coating systems in the brewery’s main production halls.

Approximately 8,000 sq. ft. of the durable and slip-resistant Flowfresh SR, a urethane cement product from Flowcrete, were used in the application in the brewery’s main production hall, followed by a topcoat of 100% solids Flowcoat CR for additional chemical resistance in the face of punishing brewing conditions.

The application was necessitated by the heavy visitor inflow into the facility; about 3,000 to 4,000 visitors tour the facility each weekend. Additionally, the brewing process involves high temperatures, which requires the floor to withstand the heat.

Flowcrete's Flowfresh SR cementitious urethane is highly durable, offering excellent thermal cycling and thermal shock resistance. This makes the material ideal for installation in areas subject to extremely hot temperatures or those that may be exposed to intermittent hot spillage or hot water washdown processes.

Unlike conventional dairy brick installations, Flowfresh cementitious urethane systems are installed in a seamless application, eliminating joint and grout lines, which can become susceptible to damage and cracks, and create an opportunity for dirt, dust and other bacteria to collect.

The urethane cement flooring was installed by Seamless Flooring Systems Inc. of Somerdale, NJ over seven consecutive weekends.

Chris McDermott, Vice President of Seamless Flooring Systems Inc. said the challenging installation was labour-intensive with crews applying a degreaser prior to pressure washing, followed by treatment with a diamond grinder to remove contaminants in the cement, much of it worn down to expose aggregate.

Although cementitious urethane isn’t a permanent fix, the flooring, with correct care and maintenance can be serviceable for 15-plus years.

Polygiene, an antimicrobial additive is standard in Flowcrete's Flowfresh systems, making the flooring product highly popular in food and beverage manufacturing facilities across the world for more than 30 years.

Flowfresh material is certified by HACCP International as food-grade for use in both wet and dry processing and production areas. This international standard recognises the safety and suitability of the product to meet the variety of challenges found in the food and beverage manufacturing industry.

On completion of the project, Brian Campbell, Flowcrete Americas’ Regional Manager for the East Coast said the Brooklyn Brewery application was a testament to both the quality of Flowfresh materials alongside the skill and talent of the installation team.