Flowcrete Australia Pty Ltd  supplied Deckshield ID and Flowtex HT flooring products for the refurbishment of various external areas at the Kalparrin Day Centre.

The Kalparrin Day Centre is the mental health care unit of the Concord Hospital, a major medical facility and teaching hospital of the University of Sydney.

Recent refurbishments have been made to repair the day centre’s badly damaged driveway, pathway and bus stop areas, which had begun to present a possible danger of slips and trips to patients and visitors. The existing concrete surface was spalling in several locations due to corrosion of the steel reinforcements, which had originally been laid without adequate concrete cover.

After treatment of the exposed steel, Flowcrete’s Flowtex HT epoxy mortar was used to repair the damaged floor. A fast curing version of Flowtex HT was used in some areas.

Deckshield ID, a solvent-free protective traffic coating from Flowcrete was then installed on the repaired surfaces. The Deckshield system looks attractive in a custom coffee coloured blend and delivers great slip resistance of 50BPM and above in addition to providing a barrier to stop contaminants from entering the concrete surface and causing further steel corrosion.

Deckshield ID also offers additional benefits including a hard wearing surface, excellent fire resistance and fast track installation time.