Australia’s craft beer industry is in a boom phase with several small artisanal brewers setting up shop. Flowcrete is supporting this industry by providing durable, aesthetic, hygienic and functional floors.

The Independent Brewers Association (IBA) estimates that there are about 420 craft brewers (end-2017) in Australia, a massive 14 times more than the total number in 2006. The increasing sales of craft beer underline the Australian appetite for high quality, locally made beer.

Flowcrete Australia has been working alongside many of these craft brewers, helping to put their operations on a firm platform as they scale up, and providing the specialist advice required to create safe, reliable and attractive flooring for beer brewing facilities.

Often overlooked in the industry, a brewing facility’s flooring is a vital factor in guaranteeing the taste of the produce as well as the safety and efficiency of the brewery operations. Failing to install a finish that’s up to the task at hand could put the site at risk of unwanted bacteria and contaminants building up and infiltrating the produce as well as becoming an unsightly surface rife with trip hazards. 

Flowcrete Australia’s Flowfresh antibacterial enhanced polyurethane floor finishes are the ideal solution to overcome the challenges presented by the brewery process.

Recently, the independent, rural Victorian producer Bright Brewery installed 2,000 square metres of the heavy-duty system Flowfresh SR to achieve a floor that could withstand specific onsite chemicals and operating conditions, such as: caustic CIP cleaner consisting of sodium hydroxide (30-60%) used as a 1-3% strength solution at up to 85°C; mixed acid detergent, a phosphoric (10-30%) / nitric acid (10-30%) blend used as a solution of 0.5% - 1% strength at up to 85°C; acid sanitiser made from a hydrogen peroxide (25%) and peroxyacetic acid (5%) mixture used as a 1 % solution at ambient temperature; hot water at up to 90°C; hot water of pH 4.5 - 5.5 with a high sugar concentration at up to 95°C; and residual beer and yeast ranging from 0°C - 20°C at pH 3.8 – 4.5.

Many Australian breweries are more than merely a beverage brewing facility; there are several breweries that have also become destination spaces for visitors to have a pint and relax while looking over the tanks where the magic happens.

Local breweries are embracing this transparency between public areas and manufacturing zones and are considering how design can be incorporated into the facility in a way that’s synonymous with the brand. 

These design choices can range from industrial steel and handcrafted woods to pops of colour and branded materials. With the floor as a canvas on which to make a design statement, breweries can choose from a wide variety of colour options in the Flowfresh range to provide the aesthetic edge without having to sacrifice on functionality.

For the Bright Brewery project, the floor was supplied in a Warm Buff shade in the heavy-duty areas and in Tile Red across the passageways, as these colours complemented the brand's warm hues and embraced the inviting, high country environment.

Similarly, at the White Rabbit Brewery in Geelong, Victoria where the site was designed to allow visitors to follow the journey of the beer, Flowfresh SR was installed to ensure each person’s journey around the brewery was conducted in a safe, fun and consistently on-brand space.

Flowcrete supplied 400 square metres of Flowfresh SR in a bright Coral Red to provide a robust, ultra-hygienic floor that would simultaneously add colour and style into the brewing area. Being seamless and impervious in nature, Flowfresh is very easy to clean so visitors will only ever see a pristine and unblemished surface. Thanks to its durability, it will be able to maintain its aesthetic and functional properties for the long term.