Industrial flooring specialist Flowcrete Australia Pty Ltd will be demonstrating how manufacturers can get more from floors, including a fast application process and a safe, anti-slip surface underfoot at The Safety Show in Sydney.

The company will be showing how its seamless systems are engineered to cope with the heavy demands of Australia’s industrial sector – including heat, chemical spillage and physical impact – and provide an impenetrable barrier against bacteria and contamination.

Flowcrete manufactures high performance flooring suitable for a wide variety of industrial zones, including manufacturing centres, automotive plants, food processing areas and pharmaceutical environments.

To show the capability of its range, Flowcrete has recently launched a new campaign across Australia, entitled ‘Get More From Floors’.

Two of the campaign’s key areas are speed and safety, and Flowcrete will be highlighting at The Safety Show how its floors can help achieve a safer environment, and deliver economic and timesaving benefits due to the speed of their installation using fast-track systems including Flowfast.

Based on MMA (methyl methacrylate) flooring technology, Flowfast is ultra-fast curing and generally ready for use just two hours after installation, utilising a catalyst to achieve full chemical and physical cure at an accelerated rate compared to other industrial resin systems.

The process enables a completely new floor to be applied across a manufacturing zone overnight, cutting factory downtime to the absolute minimum.

Sean Tinsley, Managing Director of Flowcrete Australia Pty Ltd, which has offices in Brisbane and Sydney, said: “Health and safety is paramount across the industrial sector - and our Get More From Floors campaign shows how floors can play a major role in supporting good working environments.

“From anti-slip surfaces, through to the use of lineage and demarcation zones to signpost people safely around a site, floors play a key role in the smooth and functional running of industrial areas.

“Our approach includes anti-slip floor finishes with an adjustable profile to suit client’s individual requirements, with systems based on graded aggregates laid between coats, built into the resin matrix or scattered on to the surface of the floor.

“The surface can be designed to meet the balance between slip resistance and cleanability, to ensure a fit for purpose system is specified, suitable for either wet or dry processing areas.

“Bright signage, demarcation and instructional patterns can also be incorporated at ground level to outline the different zones – marking out walkways and aisles, loading back and stacking areas, and other areas exposed to potential danger.”

As well as understanding more about the issues of speed and safety underfoot, visitors to Flowcrete’s stand at F38 can also find out about other elements of the Get More From Floors campaign and how they can have a positive impact on their business.

These include the durability and hygiene performance of Flowcrete floors, as well as their resistance to factors such as chemicals, heavy impact and acids.

The campaign also focuses on Flowcrete’s reputation for outstanding service, based on more than 30 years’ international experience in the industry.

The Safety Show takes place over three days between October 23 and 25 and is being held at the Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park.