The Mondéco decorative resin flooring range from Flowcrete is well known for its design versatility, providing architects and designers endless possibilities in flooring design. The Mondéco seamless resin terrazzo system makes it possible to create mesmerising, vibrantly coloured floors in bespoke patterns.

Flowcrete South Africa’s R&D Technician Ibraaheem Latiff was tasked with trying out a new technique to test the epoxy flooring’s design capability. Patterns are commonly fabricated in the epoxy terrazzo screed using flexible aluminium strips; however Ibraaheem decided to use polystyrene to see its effectiveness in producing a working design.

Priming a board, Ibraaheem cut out a star pattern in a 12mm thick sheet of polystyrene, then placed the cut-out sheet of polystyrene onto his primed board, and secured it with tape. He applied the Mondéco Earth into the ‘star’ making sure it was filled completely.

After 24 hours when the material was completely cured, Ibraaheem removed the polystyrene using ‘Solvent AB’, which dissolved the polystyrene around the star. After removing the excess resin using a scraper tool, he was able to apply the rest of the Mondéco Earth around the star in a contrasting colour. The result is a stunning design created using an inexpensive template.

This exercise once again highlights the enormous possibilities provided by the Mondéco system to architects and interior designers to fashion unique, patterned epoxy terrazzo floor finishes for their clients.