A craft beer manufacturer installed the hygienic and antimicrobial cementitious polyurethane flooring Flowfresh from Flowcrete at their new brewing facility in Bright, Victoria.

Australia is experiencing a craft brewery boom with beer drinkers moving away from well-known brands in favour of smaller brewers with more unique flavours and history. Bright Brewery, for instance, has been brewing ales with local hops and fresh mountain water since 2005. The brewery and bar began operations in two small tin sheds, expanding in 2012 with 24 taps, multiple seating areas and a view into the brewery.

Bright Brewery uses fresh mountain water, quality ingredients, traditional craft brewing techniques and sustainable practices to brew their signature beers. All beers are brewed on site, including small batches of seasonal, experimental beers such as Pumpkin Harvest Ale (brewed with Styrian pumpkins grown in nearby Ovens) and a Wandi Nut Brown Ale (made with walnuts from The Artisan Mill in Ovens).

Bright Brewery recently constructed a new purpose-designed brewing facility, with excellent consideration given to drain placement and location of the mezzanine platform to ensure efficient production. Flowcrete’s antimicrobial flooring measuring 1,500 square metres was installed in this project including 600 square metres of slip resistant Flowfresh SR in varying thicknesses across the heavy-duty areas of the brewery in Warm Buff, and a further 900 square metres of Flowfresh Sealer in the light duty walkways and passageways in Tile Red.

The heavy duty areas required a robust system such as Flowfresh SR, which would handle acids and cleaning chemicals as well as thermal changes associated with fermentation and strict hygiene controls. Flowfresh Sealer would help the light duty areas stand up to frequent foot traffic, while providing a hygienic platform underfoot.

Flowfresh is a line of HACCP International certified antimicrobial treated cementitious urethane flooring designed predominantly for the food and beverage industry. The silver-ion based antimicrobial additive, Polygiene helps Flowfresh systems complement floor cleaning and hygiene practices between wash cycles by protecting the surface from degradation caused by microbial growth.

Flowfresh’s bacteria destroying properties were put to the test when it was analysed according to the ISO 22196 standard, which measures the efficacy of antibacterial-treated surfaces. As part of this test, samples of Flowfresh were hot washed and abraded multiple times, over and above the ISO 22196 requirements. This intensive abuse was undertaken to recreate the reality of what a floor in a food plant would be subjected to and Flowfresh apparently ‘more than proved that it was able to survive such conditions and maintain its superior hygiene credentials’.