A luxury car washing facility in Ballito, South Africa has installed a bright and vibrant resin floor from Flowcrete to reflect their distinctive branding and style. The colourful resin flooring from Flowcrete is able to withstand the challenging conditions of the busy car wash and café venue.

Designed from the ground up by its owner, Machine WashWorx is a new venue that provides petrol heads with a relaxing space in which to enjoy a quality cup of coffee while waiting for their vehicle to be washed and detailed to the most exacting standard of car cleanliness.

Flowcrete was tasked with providing a number of flooring solutions that would convey Machine WashWorx’s distinctive branding while being able to withstand water, cleaning chemicals, foot traffic, automotive oils, impacts and other challenges inherent to a car washing facility.

Craig Blitenthall, Vice President of Flowcrete South Africa, said: “Getting Machine WashWorx’s floor just right presented us with a fun and challenging project. The bespoke, high-end environment that the client wanted to create called for floors that would convey their image while simultaneously supporting the site’s demanding car cleaning activity.

“Our resin flooring collection was perfect for this task, as each system has been made with the dual principles of design and durability at its core. This meant that Machine WashWorx could rest assured that the finish underfoot would provide a safe, clean and colourful surface to impress their high-end clients.”

Machine WashWorx is an exclusive car wash facility where cars roll through a custom cleaning area that not only includes a conveyor belt for cars to get washed by hand but also features specialist bays for vacuuming, polishing and even buffing the engine.

About 800 square metres of the flexible and solvent-free polyurethane coating system, Deckshield ID were applied across the car wash and parking areas. Deckshield ID, which was originally formulated to provide long lasting surfaces in large, multi-storey car parks, was identified as the ideal solution for the car wash application.

The bespoke solution from Flowcrete involved the supply of Deckshield ID in a vivid yellow and urban light grey that exactly matched Machine WashWorx’s corporate colours. This ensured that the floor co-ordinated with the wall coatings and other key elements of the carefully considered, industrial-style interior design scheme.

Safety was also a major consideration in this project with the site made safe for staff and visitors by adding extra slip resistance to the wash bay’s ramps. Suede additive, a fine sand-like powder, was incorporated into the coating to enhance traction underfoot without creating an overly-rough effect.

A similar aesthetic continues into the adjacent coffee shop with the floor also able to withstand foot traffic and point loading from items such as heavy tables made from car engines. For this application, 120 square metres of the decorative epoxy coating Peran STB was installed to create a glossy, light grey floor area that would be both on-brand and easy to keep clean in the event of any spills.

Machine WashWorx’s back-of-house storage area also saw the installation of 80 square metres of the hard-wearing and self-smoothing epoxy system Flowshield SL to provide a reliable floor for an extended period of time.