The new Royal Women’s Hospital opened on 22nd June 2008, to provide women and newborn babies with the very best in world-class healthcare. ‘The Women’s’ features international best practice in contemporary hospital design including world-class technology and research facilities.

Fletcher Insulation was chosen to deliver environmentally sustainable insulation solutions in a way that is distinctive and of superior value.

Fletcher Insulation Ductboard Glasswool insulation was put forward as the material of choice to satisfy the air handling requirements throughout the state-of-the art Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) facility.

Ductboard offers a fully engineered fabricated system ensuring uniformity of thickness at corner folds, positively located joins mechanically fastened and taped to provide a complete vapour barrier and airtight construction.

Large sections can be fabricated complete with starting collars, zone dampers, control motors, and even hanging points to reduce site time.

The economical lightweight ducting solution is at least 30% lighter than internally lined sheetmetal duct. Systems fabricated with Ductboard deliver air, not noise. Excellent sound absorption properties and up to 20% higher noise attenuation than sheetmetal ducting.

Lightweight sections make for easy installation with no heavy lifting. Complex shapes are easily fabricated to conform to restricted ceiling plenum heights with no allowance required for external insulation or framing.

Finished internally with a matt black non-flammable water based neoprene finish that enhances Ductboard’s tried and tested airway surface performance.

The exacting specifications and tight construction windows required that delivery and installation of the air handling ductwork be timed to the hour.

The vastly experienced crew at Baron Insulation collaborating with Apex Air-Conditioning ensured that these requirements were adhered to, and completed the contract ahead of time, exceeding the expectations of the Royal Women’s Health Partnership.