InsulBubble from Fletcher Insulation is an alternative bubble insulation that is suitable for use in a variety of residential and commercial applications to increase the thermal performance of the building and to act as a vapour barrier. 

The thermal performance of standard reflective foil insulation varies with application, orientation and installation method. In these applications the advantages of using InsulBubble bubble insulation include:

  • Ease of installation  
  • Superior finish to the underside when no ceiling is installed
  • Meets requirements of flammability index <5 when tested to the AS1530 standards code.
  • Australian made
  • Can be used for wall and roof insulation    

InsulBubble consists of a layer of polypropylene weave providing extra heavy duty performance and is laminated to a fire retardant cell structure. InsulBubble is also coated with anti-glare ink for protection against sun glare.InsulBubble from Fletcher Insulation is compliant with AS/NZS 4859.1 industry standards and BCA energy efficiency requirements.