InsulMist thermal insulation from Fletcher Insulation is a commercial and residential ultra-thin insulation that works by creating highly reflective airspaces.

InsulMist thermal insulation from Fletcher Insulation is made from premium quality industrial materials in compliance with the AS/NZS 4859.1 building code. It incorporates a highly reflective aluminium film that sandwiches a heat conducting layer of low density closed cell polyethylene foam. This foam has a very low rate of conduction effectively reducing the amount of heat transmission into the building.  

InsulMist thermal insulation also acts as a vapour barrier reducing the passage of moisture and dust particles into the roof and wall cavities. InsulMist from Fletcher Insulations has a flammability index less than 5 when tested in accordance with AS1530.2. InsulMist is an extra heavy duty performance material suitable for use on buildings with steel framework in commercial and domestic applications.