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    VersiCell® drainage cells for sub-surface drainage and waterproofing membrane protection

    Elmich offers the VersiCell® lightweight, high strength modular drainage cell created for sub-surface drainage and waterproofing membrane protection. VersiCell® can also be useful to form tanks for underground storm water infiltration or storage.

    VersiCell® polypropylene drainage cells don’t need an extra protection layer

    • VersiCell® drainage cells are manufactured from high strength polypropylene
    • It doesn’t need an extra layer of protection when installed with a waterproofing membrane
    • Sound transmission is reduce and heat insulation increased with installed between roof decks, pavers and ballast
    • VersiCell® drainage cells can withstand heavy loads from wheel burrows and machinery
    • Offers approximately 2% of gravel aggregate weight for the same discharge capacity
    • Narrow profile allows a greater soil depth to be utilised in planter beds, compared to gravel, so a range of landscape plants can be used
    • Relieves hydrostatic pressure on retaining walls
    • Support US LEED™ credits
    • High compressive strength in excess of 100t/m²
    • Modules can be interlocked in one plane or at right angles to one another

    VersiCell® drainage cells are suitable for using in the construction of roof gardens, plaza decks, basements, pond filtration systems, concealed drains, pre-cast and in situ drains and sports fields.

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