The introduction of Occupational Health and Safety workplace guidelines have allowed Elevated Safety Systems to create a number of practical, economical, and lightweight safety systems for a number of different industries, including anchor points, lifelines, fall arrest rails, and scaffolding.

All Elevated Safety Systems products are not corrosive so they will last, and are flexible so they won’t cause fractures in the structure they are attached to. The anchor points, lifelines, fall arrest rails and scaffolding are all lightweight and do not require the use of a crane for installation which makes them cost effective. Labour costs are reduced as construction can be done on site. If structures are changed, it is relatively easy and at a low cost to move.

Lifeline systems provide flexible restraints when working at heights and allow connection to travel over anchor points. They are also less visible and unobtrusive unlike handrails. All lifelines and anchors are installed to AS1891-2001 Industrial Fall Arrest Systems and Devices. Aluminium scaffolding is lightweight and therefore quick and easy to erect. It can be used to suit any purpose and made compact enough to fit under doorways.