The physical environment of school buildings and school grounds is a key factor in the overall health and safety of students and teachers, which in turn will have a significant impact on achievements and overall performance.

Minimising the amount of litter disposed on school grounds is central to a clean and healthy school environment, also improving the school appearance and reputation, and of course contributing to environmental sustainability.

For teachers, the importance of putting rubbish in the bin is a lesson they help to instil in students from an early age. For the principals and bursars of these schools, as well as the architects and designers who help shape the school environment, ensuring there are sufficient waste disposal units such as litter bins available for kids to do the right thing.

Much research has been done into the impact the design of an environment has in facilitating anti-litter behaviour in public spaces such as schools. This research has consistently found that the amount of littering that occurred was directly related to the number of litter bins available. It is essential then that schools provide enough litter bins to make it convenient for students to dispose of litter throughout the entire school grounds, and keep the grounds litter free.

This same research clearly suggests that litter breeds more litter, and therefore keeping the school grounds free of litter will assist in avoiding a snowball like effect of litter swamped grounds.

DO Smith is an Australian owned and managed company supplying Australia’s finest selection of public space furniture to schools, universities, hospitals, councils and more.

DO Smith offers a wide range of litter bins for schools and universities including:

  • L380 – A mid-sized bin with stainless steel body, large opening for easy rubbish ingress and polished top for easy cleaning providing an attractive and tidy presence.
  • LSM480 – Designed for long life and durability, this functional and attractive litterbin possesses a large 290mm diameter hole opening, and is manufactured from 304 stainless steel or powdercoated galvanised metal
  • RMP450 – Manufactured from moulded polyethylene material, and available in three sizes, these bins provide a durable, lightweight and easy to clean and maintain litter bin solution for schools and universities

To check out the entire range of litter bins from DO Smith, as well as other durable and economical outdoor furniture including benches, seats, bollards and plant pots, visit: