Australia’s urban landscape has evolved dramatically in recent decades, with our streets, schools, shopping centres, parks and other public spaces now an integral part of the overall environment and experience. For the architects and landscapers involved in the development and design of these spaces that means special consideration must be given to every element to ensure maximum enjoyment and satisfaction for the public who utilise these spaces every day.

The furniture specified for these spaces will play a major part in defining these spaces. Today it is not enough to merely specify public furniture that is functional, but it should also complement the surrounds, add character to the area, and meet the lifecycle and maintenance requirements of local councils.

Clean and comfortable public spaces

Providing cleanliness and comfort are two of the cornerstones of successful public spaces, and the humble bin and bench seat continue to be an automatic choice in any public space. However today there is an enormous amount of styles, materials and colours to choose from, giving designers the choice of specifying the perfect furniture for the particular application.

Established in 1952, D.O. Smith and Sons has grown to be one of Australia’s largest suppliers of furniture for public spaces, providing architects and designers the quality products at affordable prices, with an enormous range of bins and seeting in different styles and materials to suit any project.

The D.O. Smith range of bins includes:

Pedestal perforated bins: Designed for long life and durability, this functional and attractive litterbin is suitable for shopping centres, clubs, train and bus stations and other public venues

 Panel bin: A stylish lutter bin suitable for most outdoor public space areas. Featuring a lockable top and removable galvanised liner, these bins are an ideal complement to shopping centres, parks, recreational areas and public venues

Seating includes:

Aluminium picnic setting: A contemporary styled setting designed for comfort, strength and durability, manufactured from heavy duty 3.0mm thick aluminium extrusion and available in a wide range of colours and styles

Perforated metal seating: A heavy duty slot perforated metal seat available in a variety of colours, suitable for public areas including shopping centres, schools, parks and recreational applications

Timber bench seating with back: Elegantly designed to complement any surrounding, this simple bench seat scomes with galvanised and powdercoated framed and beautiful hardwood timber slats

These are just a few of the quality bins and seating solutions available from D.O. Smith & Sons.

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