The humble picnic table is an essential accessory for outdoor areas, especially in public parks and schoolyards across Australia. Selecting the right picnic setting can be difficult, given the many choices in the market.

DO Smith & Sons Pty Ltd lists out three main considerations when investing in an outdoor picnic setting:

Strength and durability 

Picnic settings are designed for the outdoors and will be exposed to the elements 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition to the weather extremes, picnic settings will also have to withstand the inevitable high-traffic of public parks and schools, necessitating heavy duty construction for an enduring lifecycle while also ensuring user safety.

Style and design 

Buyers looking to invest in picnic settings are not only seeking heavy duty construction but also a stylish design to complement the immediate environment. Key considerations also include materials, colours and finish options.


Pricing is a major factor, given that council and school budgets are becoming increasingly limited by the year. It’s therefore important to balance the features being sought in the picnic setting with the right price to ensure the success of the project.

DO Smith & Sons Picnic Settings

Picnic settings from DO Smith & Sons are built strong and stylish, making them suitable for all public areas including shopping centres, education facilities, parks and recreational areas.

These heavy duty table and seat picnic units are available with timber or aluminium slats, and a wide range of custom powder coat colours to suit any setting. The picnic settings can either be bolted down or supplied heavy enough to be placed standalone and unbolted, making them ideal for windy areas such as rooftops.

Features such as optional umbrella fittings and wheelchair access deliver greater flexibility to the table and seat picnic settings available from DO Smith & Sons.

DO Smith & Sons specialises in a wide range of outdoor furniture solutions for public spaces.