Devex Systems  presents Schwank gas radiant tube heaters, a range of high efficiency industrial heating systems designed to deliver substantial savings on running costs.

Made in Germany by the Schwank Group using high quality materials and cutting edge technology, Schwank gas radiant tube heaters have also undergone rigorous testing procedures to deliver excellent performance and efficiency.

One of the pioneers of infrared gas heaters, the Schwank Group is a global market leader and offers products that save up to 50% energy.

Key benefits of Schwank gas radiant tube heaters:

  • Ceramic insulation
  • High radiation factor of 65% - 71%
  • Reflector insulation impact: 4x
  • 2-stage unit - 35% less on/off cycles
  • Innovative burner technology
  • Patented ceramic burner
  • Long and laminar flame for superior comfort
  • Whisper-quiet <46dB