Devex Systems  presents the Danfoss AB-QM, a pressure independent balancing and control valve that can continuously optimise large HVAC systems to deliver significant savings in running costs.

Highly successful in Europe, North America, the Middle East and in Asia, the Danfoss AB-QM is a preferred valve specified on a number of projects throughout Australia. In addition to enabling huge running cost savings for the end user, the AB-QM valves also simplify commissioning for the contractor.

The valve addresses a number of inefficiencies common to many large HVAC systems. For instance, it eliminates over-pumping throughout the system by only delivering the required flow to the terminal units. The valve keeps the delta T high, which maximises the efficiency of the chillers and boilers, and also provides superior control of room temperatures creating greater comfort while consuming less energy.

Designed and manufactured by Danfoss, an established market leader in heating and cooling systems, the AB-QM valve’s unique design gives it significant advantages such as virtually 100% authority over its design pressure range, and over a large range of settings. The AB-QM is not sensitive to clogging as it does not use cartridge technology, and can be adjusted in the field if required.

The AB-QM balancing and control valves are distributed throughout Australia by Devex Systems, leaders in specialised heating, cooling and insulation solutions.