The design industry is booming, and project values are on the rise. In line with this, client demand and increased competition have forced industry professionals to become more cost conscious. Delivering visually appealing, functional spaces is no longer enough as clients seek cost efficiencies across all elements of a project. This trend has impacted the process of specifying all building elements, including cladding and façade solutions. Professionals must now adopt a multi-dimensional view of costs that includes economic, environmental and aesthetic considerations in order to identify truly innovative, cost effective cladding solutions. 

A specifier’s guide: The hidden costs of cladding and façades is a clear and concise examination of cladding and façade systems and how specification choices can impact costs. Specifically, the document examines how cladding systems can be evaluated, factoring in costs that go beyond the purchase price of the solution. Lightweight, durable and environmentally friendly cladding systems are identified, which have the potential to deliver significant returns on investment.

Proudly Australian owned and operated, DECO has expertly designed and manufactured their own range of aluminium building products since 2009. DecoClad is their range of flexible, durable and non-combustible cladding products that offer solutions to both the commercial and residential sectors. The company supplies a diverse catalogue of versatile and durable finished aluminium building products that represent the highest level of innovation and craftsmanship. 

Download this whitepaper for a concise, easy-to-understand guide to evaluating cladding and façade systems for the cost-conscious specifier.