John Parisi from Gieffe Interior Environments contacted Jacques from Dado Australia , concerning the Majors Bay Estate project. The client fell in love with the appearance of DADOquartz, specifically the Moloko Bathtub.

Unfortunately, the Moloko bathtub did not fit into the available area. Jacques explained to John, that he is the designer of the DADOquartz range, and because of the quantity of bathtubs he John required, Jacques designed the Emily tub to meet his specific requirements.

Dado has manufactured stone products since 1998, and is the original manufacturer of engineered quartz baths and basin. DADOquartz products have properties similar to well-known, engineered quartz kitchen surfaces, and are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology.  

DADOquartz is stronger, more durable, cleaner, weights less, safer and more consistent than natural stone. DADOquartz is used to manufacture bathroomware and is uniquely appealing.