DADOquartz, available from Dado Australia , is a heavy-duty stone bathware. The products manufactured of DADOquartz were exhibited at several shows, worldwide in 2008.

This engineered stone has been seen at the Cersaie 2008 show, Italy, the IdeoBain 2008 show, France as well as in the Woonbeurs 2008, Amsterdam, Ish 2008 in Germany and Decorex 2008 in South Africa. In 2008, DADOquartz has been seen at DesignEX 2008 in Brisbane.

The material was successfully used for kitchen benchtops even before it was being recognised by the leaders of designer bathware. DADOquartz bathware is considered as “the new granite”. DADOquartz bathware is scratch-, heat-, mildew- and mould resistant, is easy-to-clean and boasts a stylish matt finish which is silky smooth to touch. 

DADOquartz retains the water temperature for the long and relaxing bath. DADOquartz can be used to combine style, durability and a softer more natural look. 

DADOquartz combines the advantages of granite and polymer products. It is an engineered stone created by combining mostly crushed quartz with resin and pigments into a void-free material.

The products with properties similar to well-known engineered quartz kitchen surfaces are manufactured using advanced technology. Because the material is uniform, DADOquartz has no fissures, veins or other imperfections that could compromise strength or appearance.

DADOquartz resembles marble like lustre, with a subtle depth of colour. It is stronger, more durable, cleaner, safer and more consistent than natural stone.