Leading Australian plasterboard specialist CSR Gyprock has launched a new seamless perforated board featuring the innovative Activ’Air technology to deliver excellent acoustic performance.

Offering the perfect balance of aesthetics and acoustic performance, Rigitone, Gyprock’s newest perforated board enables architects and designers to create beautiful ceilings that achieve high levels of acoustic performance, delivering comfortable spaces while improving indoor air quality.

Gyprock’s innovation drive has seen the company collaborate with leading manufacturers throughout the world to deliver the best technologies to the Australian building industry. The evolving perforated plasterboard range including the new Rigitone is the outcome of their partnership with Saint Gobain.

The control of both sound transmission and sound absorption is the hallmark of good acoustic design. Rigitone’s perforations and highly effective acoustic fabric lining dramatically improve the acoustic performance of the board, reducing echo and noise reverberation. The acoustic fabric also prevents dust coming down from ceiling cavities, conceals ceiling framework, and offers better fire protection compared to plasterboard without fabric backing.

From an aesthetic perspective, the Rigitone range meets the expectations of architects and designers seeking excellence in design and functional performance with the board’s contemporary patterns providing design versatility through its edge-to-edge pattern layouts. A bold ceiling entirely made up of Rigitone plasterboard will deliver a dynamic interior environment with an amazing spatial feel. When the board is used as a feature amongst flush set plasterboard ceilings, it adds visual interest while positively contributing to acoustic performance and indoor air quality.

It’s easy to integrate lighting, ventilation systems and other products such as audio speakers and still achieve a continuous seamless finish on the ceiling.

Rigitone also features Activ’Air, a patented technology that converts formaldehyde into non-harmful inert compounds that are permanently locked in the board and cannot be released back into the air. Using Rigitone in ceilings can, therefore, help reduce the concentration of formaldehyde within an environment by up to 60 per cent. Rigitone plasterboard will have an enduring impact on air quality and improve the environment for people working and living in the space.

The Rigitone range features four contemporary perforation patterns - Rigitone Matrix 8mm Round, Rigitone Matrix 12mm Square, Rigitone Astral and Rigitone Galaxy - each with different percentages of open area to meet most acoustic application requirements.

Due to the variety of perforation sizes and patterns, board dimensions vary slightly but nominally measure 1200mm x 2000mm x 12.5mm. The edges of Rigitone boards are square and pre-primed for a unique installation method using ready-mixed Rigitone Filler, creating a continuous, seamless finish.

As a decorative acoustic panel system, Rigitone offers a variety of decorative finishes to combine aesthetics and high performance sound absorption, making it suitable for commercial applications including foyers of public buildings, restaurants and hotels, retail and shopping centres, leisure spaces and commercial office buildings.

Rigitone is available nationally through all CSR Gyprock channels.

Image: Rigitone Matrix 12mm Square