CSR Gyprock presents a new and improved version of their innovative DesignLINK System Selector.

New functionalities in the System Selector make it even easier for leading architects and designers to quickly and efficiently choose the right building system for their projects.

Developed by Architect and DesignLINK Manager Angus Kell and his team, the tool offers a quick way of utilising a database of information on wall, floor, roof, ceiling and column systems.

Angus explains that the System Selector provides a more efficient method of narrowing down search criteria and navigating architects and designers to the system that best suits their requirement, rather than searching through the Gyprock Red Book.

He adds that the System Selector has been developed to suit the needs of the Australian building industry, with all outputs ‘approval ready’ and backed by fire and acoustic reports and opinions in accordance with the BCA and relevant Australian Standards.

Some of the new features in the DesignLINK System Selector include improved database functionality and durability indicators.

The improved database functionality allows Gyprock to continually input and update system information and specifications, ensuring the information is always current and more up to date than the printed material found in the Red Book.

Durability indicators are also provided for each system, including impact resistance, capacity to take load, how the system weathers, water protection and serviceability of finishes.

There are two main paths for identifying the best building systems for an architect’s desired application:      

  • Specifications path: When known, the Specifications path allows users to input technical details and specific requirements (e.g. fire rating, acoustic rating, load capacity etc.)
  • Construction Requirements path: A broader, conversation style process designed for those who may not be familiar with the Gyprock Red Book or other building requirements or may just want a broader range of options
The DesignLINK System Selector offers comprehensive results with links to drawings (DWG and Revit files when available), installation manuals and specifications, as well as the option for systems to be emailed to the user.