CSR Gyprock announces the addition of two new Gyptone profiles to their perforated plasterboard range. Gyprock perforated plasterboard products offer design versatility, allowing architects and designers to create ceilings and walls with a balance of aesthetics and functionality.

Designed specifically for curved ceilings, the new Gyptone Flexible 12mm Square and Gyptone Flexible Slotted Minigrid allow architects, specifiers and design professionals to create impressive spaces that combine comfort with excellent acoustic performance.

Gyptone Flexible perforated plasterboard is installed in one layer and can be dry curved to a radius of 2.2 metres. Gyptone Flexible 12mm square plasterboard consists of eight large square groupings per sheet, each with 400mm x 12mm square perforations at 25mm centres. Gyptone Flexible Slotted Minigrid plasterboard features eight large square groupings per sheet, each with 16 mini grids of six 6mm x 80mm slot perforations.

Key features of the new Gyptone Flexible plasterboard profiles include highly effective black acoustic fabric backing that improves the acoustics of the ceiling, as well as the Activ’Air feature developed by world-leading plasterboard specialist, Saint-Gobain.

The fabric backing is exclusive to Gyprock and provides benefits such as eliminating dust from ceiling cavities and effectively masking the ceiling framework so that it’s not seen from below through the perforations.

Activ’Air is a patented technology that converts formaldehyde into non-harmful inert compounds, which are permanently locked in the board and cannot be released back into the air. This technology is available to the Australian market thanks to Gyprock’s International Alliance program.

Gyprock has also launched the Kimberley Alustar Flush access panel option within the Rigitone perforated plasterboard range. Access panels are integrated into suspended ceilings to allow for inspection, service and maintenance work on the installations in the roof space. Available in a number of sizes to suit various access applications, the Rigitone Kimberley Alustar Flush access panels offer easy entry that is barely perceptible in a continuous perforated ceiling pattern.