The movement towards pursuing the responsive workplace as distinct from the smart workplace is fast growing apace. Responsive workplaces have much happier and more productive inhabitants, and the impact this has on an enterprise’s bottom line is far more profound than any savings made possible on energy or real estate alone. CFOs that are discovering the benefits delivered by the responsive workplace are ensuring the message gets heard. Make responsive spaces the priority because responsive spaces can create time, and time is a much higher overhead than anything else. Even if a building isn’t smart at all, a workspace can still be made responsive and time saving. The ROI is always impressive.

Mapiq are one of the greatest contributors to the responsive workplace globally. Mapiq were the company that created the brilliant workspace interface software for the acclaimed Edge project in Amsterdam, thus setting a new standard for the category. This much-admired project has gone on to inspire the design of other cutting-edge workspace environments around the world. In the meantime, Mapiq has gone on to develop their software even further and remains today the clear market leader in their field. 

If your design project client is a company with a large number of employees or is a substantial landlord or developer, you really need to understand the significance of this technology. The larger the workforce, the better the return on investment on offer and the better the economy of scale. The workforce nominated, however, can be company based or location based, the latter making it also possible for landlords to pursue a Mapiq agenda. In a nutshell, if you’re planning the design of an office tower or workplace fitout, you really need to get your head around Mapiq and what it does and so does your client.

CFOs generally understand the concept very quickly, so involving them early is good idea. CEOs are usually quick on the uptake as well. Other stakeholders likely to enthuse about the technology include facilities managers and IT managers as Mapiq is an innovation that makes their day to day operations easier. But it’s what it does for people on an everyday basis that matters most. Mapiq saves them time and gives them a greater sense of ownership and control over their working environment.

This new application of technology is therefore a game changer. It makes more productive workspaces happier places to be.

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