Comtel Technologies  has a gamut of call stations for all applications, requirements and types. These call stations from Comtel Technologies are planned to withstand heavy usage and at the same time provides easy fit to any kind of face plates and specialised bed ducts.

The various types of call station offered by Comtel Technologies include ensuite call stations, patient call stations and emergency call stations. These call stations are intended for easy usage and durability. Ten calls are displayed in priority order by the visual display units; the call listed at top means the call has more priority than any other calls. If the calls are cancelled it disappears from the screen and the other calls are resorted according to priorities.

The multi-function patient handset supplied by Comtel Technologies has several features such as presence of large nurse call buttons. These buttons have backlit features for their easy identification. The colour of call button changes for reassurance after a call is placed. These multi-function handsets from Comtel Technologies have light switches with TV control buttons. They are enabled with microphones and speakers for speech communications.