Safety is prioritised at most workplaces to keep both lives and assets safe and out of harm’s way. A site evacuation system is part of the overall safety strategy in place. But how effective is your current site evacuation system?

Evacuation during a fire

For instance, can you safely evacuate your site quickly and easily? Can you alert all personnel on site about a potential life-threatening situation? How often do you practise evacuation drills?

An evacuation system is designed to warn people onsite of a fire or other potentially life-threatening hazards. Consisting of audible and visual components, the system alerts everyone present to immediately leave the building or site and proceed as quickly as possible to the designated evacuation area.

Checkpoint Products can design a site evacuation system for different work environments including construction sites, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, factories, storage facilities, waste processing facilities, shipyards or any other site.

A typical evacuation system consists of a loud siren (or a number of sirens) combined with strobe lights or a similar visual alert device. Strobe lights are especially effective in noisy areas where they can catch the attention of workers during an emergency; the visual alert is also useful when the site has workers with a hearing impairment or wearing PPE such as earmuffs.

The Cygnus evacuation system is a combined siren and strobe device featuring a high pitched audible tone, with the frequency set to penetrate normal operational noise in construction or manufacturing sites. Being battery-powered, Cygnus helps with the safe evacuation of the site even during a power outage. Additionally, Cygnus’ wireless functionality allows simple retrofitting to an existing structure since there are no cables or power supply to be run.

Common evacuation devices

CYG24F Evacuation Call Point

CYG24F Evacuation Call Point – with First Aid Alert Button – 110db Siren

CYG24 Evacuation Call Point

CYG24 Evacuation Call Point – 110db Siren

CYG24-85 Evacuation Call Point

CYG24-85 Evacuation Call Point – 85db Siren for indoor use

Browse common evacuation devices at this link.

Please contact the Checkpoint Team if you have any questions or need any help designing an effective evacuation system for your site.