LASERframe® Untreated from Carter Holt Harvey is a structural timber that can be used to fulfil all timber floor truss requirements in both residential and commercial settings.

The timber has evolved over time and is now manufactured using advanced control machines as well as stress grading and kiln drying techniques.

Rest easy knowing your timber floor truss is not only durable, but environmentally friendly too.

Made from renewable plantation pine framing, the timber is grown in sustainably managed, Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) or FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified plantations.

Furthermore, every stick of the timber has been quality assured and graded and tested in accordance with Australian Standards.

While constructing a timber floor truss can be an expensive task, this timber is cost-effective and offers total design flexibility.

This is due to the fact that pine is widely available and subsequently competitively priced.

Opt for LASERframe® Untreated and your timber floor truss will be strong, durable and last the test of time.