As firm believers in the power of innovation and creativity, Britex believes that the future starts with education. To nurture the leaders and innovators of tomorrow and help them reach their full potential, it is crucial that our learning and teaching spaces are of the highest possible quality. In short, our schools, universities, and other education facilities must offer the maximum degrees of functionality, safety, and ease of use. Britex recognises that not all students are the same and that, accordingly, not all needs can be met with the same product. With this in mind, the company provides a one-stop solution for the education space, providing a full suite of products that include drinking solutions, bathroom fixtures, and speciality equipment for science laboratories.

All Britex products for education applications are designed in accordance with the stringent specification guidelines set out by each of the states’ respective education departments, and are functional, hard wearing, and easy to maintain. Below, we provide an overview of some of Britex’s numerous education space offerings, and highlight how they can elevate your next education project.

Drinking Solutions

Recognising that different educational environments have different needs, Britex provides solutions for both fountain and trough drinking. For spaces with lower user traffic and tighter space constraints, the Compact Wall Hung Drinking Fountain provides an affordable, wall-mounted solution. Where protrusion from the wall is impractical or undesirable, the Britex Recessed Drinking Cubicle provides a vandal resistant, fully recessed solution. All Britex Fountains are compatible with an optional bottle filler tap.

Britex also provides a PWD Preplumbed Drinking Trough for use in childcare projects or other high volume, frequent use education contexts. Available with a choice of push button, cam, or lever-activated tapware, the trough is also suitable for use with a bottle filler tap and can be mounted on brackets and legs or brackets alone.

Bathroom Fixtures

Hygiene should factor strongly into any design, but is particularly crucial in busy education spaces frequented by children and young adults. Britex bathroom fixtures are designed to maximise hygiene by balancing practicality and aesthetics with careful consideration of easy cleaning and maintenance. From vandal resistant, easy to clean wall mounted basins to the Curveline Vanity Multi Basin, Britex caters for a diverse range of bathroom needs.

Fabricated from low maintenance stainless steel, Britex floor mounted toilet pans combine performance and durability with exceptional resistance to vandalism. The pans feature contraband-proof flushing rims and are free of ligature points, making them ideal for use in high traffic environments that are prone to damage. Additionally, the pans have received up to 4* WELS certification, and are complimented by the Britex range of urinals, which contains units with up to 5* WELS certification – the highest possible rating.

Science Laboratory Equipment

As part of their ongoing efforts to foster new skills and talent, Britex supplies a comprehensive range of bench solutions for science laboratories. Responding to the diverse needs of such spaces – where sensitive substances or dangerous equipment may be in operation – the Britex BenchTech range offers a selection of workbenches, sink benches, and mobile benches. All surfaces can be wiped clean easily and thoroughly, and all mobile benches have lockable castors for maximum safety.

Demonstrating Britex’s characteristic innovation and nuanced understanding of user needs, the company’s range of science laboratory equipment includes products that respond to highly specific needs. Specially designed for environments where multiple users need to wash their hands simultaneously and avoiding cross contamination is imperative, the Britex Stainless Steel Multi-Knee operated basin provides a fuss- and hands-free tapware solution. To activate the tap, users simply depress the front push panel with their knee.

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